SVGA PCI-E 1Gb DDR5 ASUS R7 260,128b (R7260-1GD5) DVI/HDMI/DP

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Deploy the Col. Reign in Silence

ASUS Exclusive Innovation

DirectCU II
DirectCU II
20% cooler and vastly* quieter
Flattened copper heatpipes make direct contact with GPU surfaces so heat is dissipated more efficiently, delivering 20% cooler and vastly quieter performance with twice the dissipation area and 6X greater airflow than reference. 
*Equivalent to 14dB and performance varies depending on system configuration
1188 MHz Boost Clock
1188 MHz Boost clock for better performance and outstanding gaming experience.
1188 MHz Boost Clock
DIGI+ VRM with Super Alloy Power
DIGI+ VRM with Super Alloy Power
30% less power noise and 2.5X greater durability
Acclaimed DIGI+ VRM has been applied via a 6-phase power design that uses digital voltage regulators to minimize power noise by 30%, enhance power efficiency by 15%, widen voltage modulation tolerance, and improve overall stability and longevity by 2.5 times over reference.
GPU Tweak with Streaming
Real-time intuitive graphics tuning
  • Shows detailed specs and actual card status with GPU-Z
  • Sync GPU clocks and voltages for easier overclocking
  • Monitoring widget provides real-time detailed multi-parameter info
  • 2D/3D switcher locks cards in 3D mode for higher benchmarks
  • Automatically checks and updates drivers and BIOS versions
  • Stream on-screen action to the web in full HD
GPU Tweak with Streaming
2GB GDDR5 Memory
2GB GDDR5 Memory
On-board memory for the best gaming experience & the best resolution


Graphics GPU Features

Powered by AMD Radeon™ R9 260
Powered by AMD Radeon™ R9 260
AMD App Acceleration
AMD App Acceleration
Speeds up daily applications such as web browsing and video playback. Also the first to provide support for both OpenCL,C++ AMP, and DirectCompute 11.
AMD PowerTune technology
AMD PowerTune technology
Intelligent power monitoring in the AMD Radeon™ graphics to enable higher clock better performance in your favorite games.
AMD ZeroCore Power technology
AMD ZeroCore Power technology
Allows your AMD Radeon graphic to consume virtually no power when in idle state. It even shuts down additional GPUs in AMD CrossFire. technology mode to consume less when they’re not in use.
Microsoft DirectX 11.2 API
PCI Express 3.0
Delivers double the bandwidth per lane of PCIe 2.0 for faster GPU-CPU communication.
MicrosoftR Windows 8.1 compatible
Microsoft DirectX 11.2 API
Brings new levels of visual realism to gaming on the PC and get top-notch performance.
Объем памяти
1 Gb
Тип памяти
128 bit
Производитель чипа
AMD Radeon R7 260
Частота процессора
1000 MHz
Частота памяти
6000 MHz ( 1500 MHz GDDR5 )
DVI Max Resolution : 2560x1600
PCI-Express x16 3.0
DVI Output : Yes x 1 (DVI-I), HDMI Output : Yes x 1, Display Port : Yes x 1 (Regular DP), HDCP Support : Yes.


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